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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I open an account with Relax-Crypto?

It's quite easy. To become our member, visit relax-crypto.com fill out the registration form and click the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button


2. How many accounts can I register?

Any client can have only one account per IP/Family/Payment account. In the event of multiple registrations from your computer we have rights to suspend all of your accounts.


3. How can I access my account?

If you are a registered Relax-Crypto user,enter your username and password in the suitable fields and click the "LOGIN TO ACCOUNT" button. You'll be redirected to your account automatically.


4. How can I change my personal information in my account?

Log in Account and click "SETTING " to go to the personal information page where you can change your data. Save the changes when all the necessary data is entered. However, you can't change your email address and payment wallets because this function is disabled for security reasons. To make such changes, you must contact us through the support and provide your secret question/answer and new payment wallets/email address.


5. I sent a message to support service but didn't get any answer. What should I do ?

All messages will be checked and answered within 48 hours of receipt. Please be? patient while waiting for a response from our operator. Don't take any rash acts, we are able to manage any problem


6.When The Deposit Should Be Activated?

Your deposit should be activated immediately
If your deposit hasn't appear in your account for a long time, please contact us.


6. How Soon After The Withdrawal Of The Request Will Appear Money On My Payment Account?

Withdrawals are processed 5 minute to 4 hour, but if the withdraw meet payment processors issue, server or technical problem or some other issue, it can take up to 48 hours.



1. USD = 1$

2. BITCOIN =6$



User will not get any profit on Saturday and Sunday.


Updates of super plan

Super plan earning detail 

1. Investment Amount 100$ to 1000$= 0.4%
2.Investment Amount 1001$ to unlimited = 1%


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